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Yes, you read that right, Home Remedies for termites. The professionals at Arizona Termites can tell you that we have seen and heard of all the home remedies for pest control and termite treatments. It seems as if there is another article going up each month claiming that these remedies replace professional treatments but that is simply not the case.

If termite treatments were as simple as the home remedy bloggers claim, then termites would not do billions of dollars worth of damage annually in the US alone. Termites live in the ground, so thinking that materials which occur naturally in the ground would get rid of or even kill termites seems almost funny. The reason that it isn’t funny is because people who read the remedies are often in dire straits and can’t afford to call a pest management professional. Those people, who are trying these home remedies, have so much more to lose.

One of the most commonly touted home remedies is Boric Acid which is an ingredient in over 200 chemical treatments used byArizona Termites Home Remedies professionals. The reason it is an ingredient is because it does help control certain insects but does not kill enough of them to be used alone. Boric acid makes a great deterrent against ants but it will not kill an entire termite colony and boric acid alone will not protect your home from termites.

A new one that I just read today was Aloe, which seems to be the end all cure for bloggers these days. Aloe is a wonderful plant with a large variety of uses, on of which includes wound and burn care. Unfortunately for those who have Aloe plants growing in their gardens, the plant will not protect your home from termites.

Termite Control Chandler offers a free termite inspection for any homeowners who have been contemplating Home Remedies for a possible termite problem. Do yourself a favor and contact us first, before you spend money on solutions that simply won’t work. Arizona Termites knows how to protect your home for the long term, not the quick bandage that these termite home remedies will provide.

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