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Termite Robbers caught my attention today as I was searching for Termite News to add to our Arizona Termites Blog. I hadn’t really expected to find so much more on these crafty alternative robbers.


The original posting from The Times in the UK reported on wine theft. Any wine collector will tell you that there are bottles of wine worth thousands and even hundreds of thousands of US dollars. Considering the damage that termites can do to properties throughout Arizona and other US states, I am not surprised that the burrowing thieves are nicknamed Termites. Here’s a bit of the post for your enjoyment:

France’s ‘termite’ robbers burrow to steal wine from restaurant cellars:


by Adam Sage, Paris 
The Times Europe. Last updated at 5:29PM, January 31 2013

They have good taste, high-performance drills and inside knowledge – and they are the bane of France’s most prestigious restaurant owners.

Thieves elsewhere may break through windows or doors, but in Paris they are burrowing into cellars in search of luxury goods – and notably of the fine wines that you can find under most grand eateries.

Connoisseurs are living in fear after a gang employed the termite method, as it is known, to make off with several dozen excellent bottles last weekend.


Earlier references to the ‘Termite Robbers’ date all the way back to 2010, when they were foiled after an attempt on a  French bank. Earlier attempts had been successful, which made the foiled attempt all the more sweet for the French police.


‘Termite gang’ dig into French bank but raid is foiled:Termite Robber Tunnel

by Kim Willsher, Paris

The Guardian, Sunday 4 April 2010 14.40 EDT
A band of thieves nicknamed “The Termite Gang” attempted to dig their way into a French bank using a pneumatic drill over the weekend, the third such attack on a bank in recent weeks.

The gang dug a tunnel into the bank from a nearby underground station in the early hours of yesterday morning but failed to seize any cash or valuables.

The would-be robbers were believed to have dug into the basement of the BNP Paribas bank in Paris via the sewerage system and neighbouring cellars.


‘The Termites’ tunnel into Paris bank to steal cash and jewellery worth £22million in French ‘crime of the century’

UPDATED: 21:37 EST, 30 March 2010

At least £22million in cash and jewellery has been stolen after four men tunnelled into the vaults of a Paris bank and emptied 200 safes.

The heist – already being described as France’s ‘crime of the century’ – saw the gang start digging in a neighbouring cellar, before using pickaxes and a even a flame thrower to break through 31in thick walls to the vaults.

Once inside the Credit Lyonnais branch, which was closed for refurbishment, they tied up a guard and warned him he would be shot if he did not stay still.


These types of robberies have been reported throughout Europe for over 30 years, one of the most well known was in the mid 1970’s and took place over a long weekend. That gave the thieves 4 days to spend in the vault. There was a note left on the wall by the mastermind which read: ‘Without hatred, without violence, without weapons.’ That makes one think. All of the Hollywood movies and Crime Dramas depicting tunneling thieves are based on these weaponless crimes. The thieves really have no desire to encounter resistance, no desire to do harm. Their only thought is the haul at the end of the line.

Termites act the same way as these human burglars, tunneling underground and spending days carrying away their bounty undetected. The way that the police handle these “Termite Robbers” is by sealing up the access tunnels, in much the same way as we can seal access to our homes in Phoenix, before the termites strike your home.

Contacting Arizona Termites is your best defense against underground raids from the termites that are already tunneling throughout Arizona and other US states. The initial Termite Inspection is Free, so taking action today costs you nothing. After the inspection, a detailed analysis will tell you how to best protect your home and your property from these ingenious ‘termite robbers.’


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