You might think it’s not as important to protect your patio furniture from termites as it is to protect your house. But seeing how quickly termites spread from one place to another, it is important that you find a way to protect your wooden garden furniture.

Silent Destroyers

Termites will seek out any where to build their nests, as well as good food sources that are close to those nests. They are quick workers, and often the damage they do to your house is done without you even knowing. It’s no wonder these pests are often called “Silent Destroyers.”

Wood Around Home

Any wood near your home’s foundation attracts termites. Once you have a colony that’s set up a home, your chances of a large and full-blown infestation increase dramatically. Because of this, homeowners should ensure any wood located near the house has been treated against termites.

At-Home Treatment

A termite control professional will be able to help you treat any wood that is around your house, but there are also a couple do-it-yourself methods to treat your outdoor wooden garden furniture. You can rub aloe vera into the wood of the furniture, as this kills termites. You will just need to purchase the plant, crush it up to release the gel inside, and then apply this to the wood. You can also combine a cup of olive oil and a quarter of a cup of white vinegar and then rub it into the furniture. These at home treatments repel termites and help keep your house safe.

It’s important to remember that despite doing these at-home treatments, you should still have your yearly termite inspection done. This will help ensure the safety of your home and your family.

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