Termite Skateboards: A Program for Kids

Termite Skateboards are built for kids twelve and under; the company started making their signature brand in 1998. I never heard of Termite Skateboards before today, but now that I have I am going to make sure that others find out about this unique company, their vision, mission and programs.

Termite Skateboards vision was and is to make skateboarding safer for kids. Before the Termite Skateboard was created, boards were manufactured for adults and then scaled down for kids. The construction of the deck made it unsafe because cutting down any board changes the center of gravity, increasing the risk of injury. It’s no wonder that many kids gave up on skateboarding before they had a chance to learn and develop their skills.

Termite Skateboards has started a really cool website for skateboarding kids all over the world.

Here is their mission statement:

“To provide kid’s skateboards and kid’s skateboard safety gear with a focus on the 12 and under market. We have been in business since 1998. We operate in over 450 skate shops throughout the US and many countries around the world. We strive to provide safe, professional grade equipment for young riders and remain a brand that parents can trust.”

Their Vision:

“To be the world leader in youth action sports while providing a positive influence, experience and community for all children using termite products. Our gear is designed to help kids build confidence and empowerment through the physical breakthroughs achieved in kid’s skateboarding. Our products help kids to express themselves in a socially responsible manner and inspire them to create their world.”

This site is not just a membership site or shopping portal. Termite Skateboards offers tips for athletic kids to get sponsors to help pay for their gear and training. The site promotes team sports, social skills and physical exercise which in turn promote healthy minds and bodies in our most valuable National Treasure; our children are our future.

Termite Skateboards even offers a special payment program for families with reduced incomes. There are not many companies that have these offers and certainly fewer in sports gear for kids. Our own Government doesn’t fund Physical Education in schools; it’s refreshing to see a sports industry making this grand effort.

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