Termite Treatments in ArizonaTermite Treatments in Arizona: Stay Ahead of the Swarm


There are a lot of misconceptions about termites, termite treatments and pest control in general. Today’s topic, staying ahead of the termite swarm is a daunting task, especially if you go it alone. Termite Treatments work three ways. The number one way that treatments work is by poisoning the termites as they pass through the soil or your home. Effective termite treatments will allow the termites to act normally for about twenty-four hours, giving them time to spread the termiticide to other members of the termite colony during feeding and grooming. The third way that termite treatments work is by creating a barrier through which the termites will not pass. The third type of treatment is a residual treatment that must only be installed after the termites have been removed. Creating a barrier when there are still live termites in the house can backfire; the termites become trapped and start to build a new nest inside the home.


Ground treatments will be effective against the termites that pass through them, but what of the swarms that begin in the early spring? There are two main types of termites that will be seen swarming around Arizona homes in the coming weeks. One is the subterranean termite that usually finds a place near the ground to burrow and build a nest. The other type is the drywood termite and they are not affected by ground treatments. Drywood termites enter through cracks in the eaves under the roof and start building a nest right away. They may live in your home or business for several years without being detected, because the nest will not mature enough to produce swarms for four years or more. There are new treatments available, dry powders that can be applied, which will eliminate this threat. The main thing is to see that the swarming termites do not get a foot hold in your home.


There is another problem, that is often missed by termite inspectors with less experience than those offering Termite Treatments in Scottsdale. If there is a damp area within your home, providing enough moisture to sustain the termite colony, they may build within your walls, instead of the ground. Many pest management companies overlook this possibility and offer one size fits all treatments that make no sense to experienced professionals.


If you have concerns about the type of termite treatment your Arizona home has received, please call to talk to a professional. Termites in Arizona are hardier than those in other states; they have to be to endure the arid conditions. We offer a free termite inspection to help you get started on the right foot. Once the report is generated, you will be able to see where your home is vulnerable and how protection should be applied.


Termite Treatments in Arizona

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