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School Headmistress’ House is Infested


The news I read today sounded like something out of a novel. I actually reread the text because I was almost sure that it was fiction. Sadly, the truth is stranger than fiction. Something that we would never put up with in America has been done; the woman who relocated to head up the secondary school has gotten no help from the officials.

When Mrs. Vanessa Wilson-Johnson agreed to the position of Headmistress it meant a complete upheaval of her life. She did it to help the children of Mahdia Secondary School to get a better education. She left her home and family to relocate and went to her assigned residence. What she saw there was appalling. The steps leading up to the door had become dangerous due to termites. Once inside she found more termite damage and even the bed frame was infested. There was no stove in the kitchen. She says the house was a disaster, the paint peeling off of the shell of what was supposed to pass as a home. She says that she was assigned to live in a “rat hole” and so she went to a boarding house. Her salary, however, was not budgeted to allow for lodging. The owner of the boarding house took pity on her and let her sleep on a sofa under the stairs.

It sounds like something out of a Bronte novel, but no; this is current. The officials claim, by turns, to have received no correspondence, that repairs are not budgeted for, and finally an indignant reply that she should at least accept the keys to the place, it’s been cleaned twice. Yes, it has been cleaned now, but there are still live termites, unsafe conditions, a bedstead that has been eaten away and no stove.

The comments from the local people suggest that Mrs. Williams-Johnson should contact her union representatives about reimbursement for her living expenses and let them deal with the local officials. Mrs. Williams-Johnson has tried to handle the issue herself because of her concern for education and she feared breaching her contract. Is it any wonder that there was an opening for a Headmistress at that school? How unreasonable to think that you can just hire someone and they will be so thankful for the job that they will live in squalor. Here, the squalor of the house would have been a breach of contract on the side of the school.

Thank goodness we live in America. Here in Arizona we have choices that could have kept this from happening. I know that none of us would ever hand someone the keys to a termite riddled home. Make sure you don’t have termites in Gilbert with a free termite inspection so that you never have to worry about future structural damage. I can’t imagine anything easier or more reasonable than that appointment.

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