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New Delhi: Saving a 30 Year Old Tree

Termite news from The Times of India reports new life for a Mulberry Tree that was infested with termites. Once upon a time, here in America, the tree doctor was commonplace. These tree surgeons could save trees that had been on a property for many years. I remember my own father performing tree surgery on one of our back yard trees that had taken a severe amount of storm damage.

As it turns out many plants can be saved if the problem is addressed immediately. If the limb still has life in it, “green” wood and sap, then you can “splint” the broken limb and brace it by wrapping it with a cotton sheet. If the limb is dead, remove it at the joint.

The idea of the tree surgeon is nothing new to me, but what these men are doing in New Delhi is beyond anything I thought possible. The tree in question was a thirty year old Mulberry tree that was so infested with termites that it was hollowed out. A recent collision with some construction equipment had added to the damage. The tree was twisted and now leaned toward the road; a limb was broken.

Jayata Sharma, having recently started working in the area, took pity on the sick and wounded tree. She had heard of tree surgeries before and decided to find out if the Mulberry tree could be saved. She contacted the company she had heard of in The Times of India and soon they came to assess the damage.

The broken limb was removed, the tree was re-balanced.  The termites were removed and the damage cleared away. The tree Surgeon then sprayed the resultant cavity with a strong insecticide and stuffed it full of cotton, an insulating agent and sponge for support, plus the opening was covered with mesh and plaster. According to the tree doctor the Mulberry tree will show signs of new growth within ten days of the initial treatment.

This is a miracle for the business district. Sometimes the cost of saving a tree is less than removing and replacing the tree. I wonder now if we have any tree doctors here. Has the art died out? Are we left to our own devices in caring for our trees? Could it be that some of the trees we would normally cut down could be saved? Is this an idea that could start new business growth?

Trees infested with termites in America are usually removed when the structural damage is as great as that Mulberry Tree. It’s comforting to know that there is something that can be done. One thing that could have helped preserve that tree would have been frequent inspections and local termite treatments. Arizona residents can get a free termite inspection from a licensed professional and ask about the trees on their property. Termite treatments in Phoenix cover more than just your home; they cover the property your house is standing on too.



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