Termite Treatments in Arizona

Antique furniture is beautiful, and a wonderful way to add beauty to your home. But if you bring in a termite infestation along with your new furniture piece, you’ll need to deal with them effectively and efficiently in order to save the piece, and ensure the termites do not spread to the rest of your home.

Termite Control Specialist

Termites are not usually an issue when it comes to antique furniture, but if you see signs of termite damage in your antique pieces, you’ll want to immediately take the pieces to a termite control specialist or a fumigation specialist who is comfortable working with antique pieces. A termite control specialist will able to rid the piece of termites and any eggs without damaging the piece or reducing its value. They will also be able to offer you a chemical free fumigation using green, natural products that should not pose a threat to your pieces.

Significant Termite Damage

If significant termite damage has already been done, you might need to have your antique wood furniture restored and fixed to return the pieces to its original state. Another way to rid your pieces of termites is to bag them (if small enough) and place them in the freezer for two weeks. Once the termites have been frozen you’ll need to leave the pieces in the bags for another 2 days, outside of the freezer, to warm up again to ensure no moisture condenses on the wood and causes mold.

Placement is Key

One thing to be cognizant of, is where you place these antiques in your home. Termites seek out water and damp wood – so placing these pieces in areas that are quick to draw moisture will attract termites. It’s also important to remember that moisture, just on its own, can damage your antiques.

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