As the weather gets colder and we all turn inside to stay warm, so do termites. While it’s not a secret that termites love to feed on the wooden structures in your house, they are capable of being very secretive when they move in. Making sure that you’ve taken a number of precautions against termites will help ensure that they don’t come to visit during the holidays.

Keeping Your Home Safe from Termites

Termites are capable of burrowing through very tiny holes and cracks around your foundation as well as door and window openings. Because of this, you’ll want to take a careful look around your home at all these areas. If you notice any openings, make sure you take measures to close them. This could mean some minor repairs on your part – such as plastering in holes and cracks,or adding additional siding to windows. The effort and time it takes to repair these things will no doubt be less time and effort required by the process of ridding your home of termites if they decide to move in.

Attracting Termites

You’ll also want to make sure your house isn’t attractive to termites. This means diverting all water away from your foundation, as well as removing damp areas that can attract termites. All drainage should direct water from your house and away from your house’s foundation. Also, take a look at where your foundation meets the ground. If there is direct soil to foundation contact, you’ll want to find a way to remedy that, as lots of times termites build their nests in the soil and then burrow up through your foundation’s structural supports.

Termite Control Professional

Contacting a termite control professional for a termite inspection is the best thing you could do to ensure you don’t have any un-welcome termite guests this holiday season. A termite control professional will arrange to come out and inspect your house for any current termite activity, as well as places termites could enter from. They’ll be able to do a thorough inspection that will help you stay stress free (at least from termites) during the holiday season!


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