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One of the major concerns in the United States is whether pest control hinders human health more than insects do. Scientists, Biologists, Chemists and Entomologists have been studying this question for years. At a recent conference in Knoxville, Tennessee some answers became clear. One of which was the fact that a bed Bug infestation can cause symptoms of PTSD in the family that had the infestation. I may be a blogger for a pest management company, but I can tell you how true that is.


I married young and had an infant daughter before I turned nineteen. One of the biggest fears I had was that some insect or rodent would harm her. I had never really been afraid of anything except spiders until I moved into a home that was infested with Carpenter ants.


We rented the two story century house with its hard wood floors, double doors and an elaborate staircase; we felt like we were in the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life” and didn’t even mind the silly wood pecker that woke us every morning with his knocking. Little did we know that the holes running up the side of the house, made by that wood pecker, were feeding holes. Woodpeckers can hear the ants and other wood boring insects and that is why they peck holes in trees. If you have a woodpecker drilling into your house, there’s a problem.


I woke up one morning to get my daughter out of her crib and there were giant (to me anyway) black ants crawling out of the wall and up the side of her crib. They were after the wood, but I thought they were after my little girl. I snatched her from her crib and couldn’t sleep until the problem was solved. I kept her in my arms and off the floor, constantly looking around for the little beasts I thought would do her harm.


I don’t need any biologist, psychiatrist of entomologist to tell me that severe infestations can happen and will affect your mental and emotional health. The fear of harm coming to your family is greater than the fear of anything happening to you. Pest management professionals, like the ones at Gilbert Pest Control, can answer your questions and calm your fears. Many insects are harmless, but structural pests and those that carry diseases must be kept away for your home and property. It is a health and safety issue, and the EPA has set strict guidelines on the types of pest management techniques that may be used to protect your property.


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