Beyond Hurricane Sandy:

Bed Bug Finders Aiding the Recovery



Bed Bug Finders LLC is a company specializing not only in bed bug eradication, but also a specific method of bed bug service. Bed Bug Finders’ has trucks that are equipped with a huge heater and now they are receiving calls to help flood victims in the wake of Sandy’s wrath.

Heat treatment is one of the most effective methods for eradicating bed bugs and other pests. The treatment is offered to avoid chemicals entering the residence or business. The process involves the use of a huge diesel powered heater; the hoses are vented away from the area being treated leaving behind 100% breathable air. Bed Bug Finders uses an unmarked truck for the heat treatment.

In the wake of Sandy, one employee says that Bed Bug Finders are receiving requests for heat treatment to dry out flooded homes, basements and to save personal items that would otherwise be damaged beyond repair by the flood waters.

It’s refreshing to read the press release and know that when it comes to a disaster, it’s not just a business, it is people helping people. Bed Bug LLC and Northeast Heat Services LLC have been in business for four years and have performed hundreds of inspections for bed bugs for commercial and residential customers. They are located in Connecticut and offer service New York and New England states.

The use of various treatment alternatives have become available over the past few years as bed bugs and other insects have been on the rise and environmental concerns focus on a chemical connection. If insects become resistant to chemical treatments there must be new treatments available to treat the problem. Heat treatments are nothing new, but new equipment has been developed that delivers the heat right where it is needed to stop an infestation in its tracks.

Arizona pest control services offer a variety of treatments to suit the needs of area residents. Termites have also been treated with alternative methods such as heat treatments with great success. Contact your local professional termite treatment in Phoenix for more information on the latest methods available.




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