Low Cost Light Traps:

Warning Farmers of Pests



Lamp Trap

Farmers in Bangladesh have a new alternative to expensive pest control measures and this is completely ingenious. The fields are often sprayed with pesticides that are costly and may require multiple treatments. The worst time is right before harvest when the pests are at their highest numbers.

The alternative is a Light Trap: A lantern or electric lamp is placed over a pan containing water, and detergent or kerosene. The light is left on all night and the bugs that fly around the light end up dying in the water. Now the number and type of bugs can be examined and if there is a need for pesticides the fields are sprayed.

This is working and saving the farmers money as well as saving their crops. The farmers love the idea because of its low cost but also because of the ecological value. This is a win/win situation and could be more widely distributed to other areas where pests are a hazard to crops.

Farmers in Bangladesh can be financially destroyed if they lose a year’s crop; the cost of pest control is prohibitive however. Normally the widespread use of pesticides kills the harmful insects as well as the helpful ones. This is a problem as well because the beneficial insects are necessary for the farms to thrive. This year has seen a 50% reduction in pesticide usage and the farmers are getting better at identifying helpful insects. With the new light trap method there will be more farmers willing to plant the much needed crops in the area.

We’ve all seen our share of pest control by bug lamp or fire. Unfortunately that doesn’t control the pests that invade our homes in Arizona. Pest Control in Phoenix is available to help you manage your home and garden pests; identifying the good insects from the bad pests and keeping those bad guys out of the house.




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