Pest Control Crusade:

Abu Dhabi Starts Winter Campaign



Residents of Abu Dhabi do not have to wonder who they should call in case of a pest problem; the government has made their position clear. Leave the problem to us. Businesses will have to work out contracts and pay, but residents can count on a response in 24 hours if they call about any type of pest. The scheduled services are for city buildings, businesses and public areas; the non-scheduled services are for residential call ins.

Winter is hard on Abu Dhabi residents because it is a “wake up time” for insects, especially flies and mosquitoes. Residents cut back trees and this also may release pests that are nesting there. The government has said to leave the branches for them to pick up. In the coming weeks they will have five hundred laborers to sweep and clean the main streets as well as the dead ends. The clean-up that started last month is ongoing even now. They have done surveys to find the worst areas of infestation and plan to clear those places first. The residents are told they can call the government number for any type of pests, even snakes.

The last clean-up effort was able to collect over eleven thousand tons of household trash, in addition to hundreds of tons of waste. The initiative even included washing 144,000 square meters of sidewalks and two million square meters of parks.

Winter in Arizona is a time for clean-up to. Protecting homes in Arizona involves finding the cracks and crevices that give pests access to our homes. Pests like to find a cozy place to hide for the winter; it’s necessary for their survival. Unfortunately that is not good for homeowners. Pest control in Chandler can help you find the areas of your home that need attention before you have unwanted guests for the winter.


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