Pest Control:

Historical Methods: “The Predator”


It’s theorized that the Ancient Egyptians were the first to come up with a form of pest control. Cats were domesticated to kill the rodent population in ancient Egypt at least 4000 years ago. This form of pest control is seen in nature to this very day. On farms across America, owners may have cats to rid their barns of mice that would get into the horse feed or destroy the crops. Field mice and moles are a big problem for farmers because they love to gnaw on the tender roots of the crops in the fields. Cats also keep the bird population down; birds commonly carry off the seeds before they can sprout.

Cats have been used as part of our pest control for thousands of years. There is evidence of cat ownership going back over 8000 years which is well before the Egyptians immortalized the creatures by depicting them in paintings.

The domestic cat is a natural born predator and will keep many of the nuisance pests away. It isn’t just rats and mice that can cause problems on your property. Birds carry mites that will go after any source of blood once they are on your property. All rodents carry fleas which can be dangerous because of the disease they carry. Cats can even control snake populations in your area, although they are smart enough to stay away from the bad ones.

Cats love to play with anything that catches there eye. Having outdoor cats actually acts as a deterrent for many types of pests. For most rodents the instinct is for survival. Any threat to that survival is avoided and believe me, rodents know if there’s a cat around.

While cats won’t rid your home of all pests, they can be an asset in your arsenal. Pest Control in Chandler can help get rid of the pests your cat doesn’t see or cannot reach. The first step is getting a free home inspection. Your licensed pest control specialist will help you figure out the best plan of action for your home. If you do have a cat or dog there are pet friendly pest control options that your expert will discuss with you.


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