Pest Control News: Idyllwild Oaks in Danger


The gold-spotted oak borer has made its way from Arizona to Idyllwild, California and now more oaks are in danger. The gold-spotted Oak borer isn’t a migratory insect; it is indigenous to Arizona. The gold-spotted oak borer is generally transported from state to state in firewood, which has inspired a “burn it where you buy it” campaign in recent years.

The main problem with the oak borer is that it can kill a tree in under a year while the tree may have been growing for hundreds of years. The older the tree, the more costly it is to remove; also the larger the tree, the longer it may take for damage to be noticed. Oak borers lay their eggs on the bark of the tree and the larvae eat the tree from the inside, destroying the system that delivers food and water. Once that system is compromised the tree will die, there is no saving it. The gold-spotted oak borer has destroyed 90,000 trees in San Diego and cannot be controlled by traditional pesticides. Trees can cost as much as $10,000 to remove and the only sure way to kill the larvae is to grind the tree up.

Trees are important for the local ecosystem because they provide shelter and shade for animals as well as keeping the soil secure. Deforestation is one of the major causes of dust and dirt storms as well as landslides and mud slides. The oak borers could cause major economic damage if they are not controlled.

The best way to gain control is to use all of the firewood that you purchase each year. That may mean offering some to neighbors or even grinding up unused wood at the end of the year. The oak borers survive the winter in log piles and then go for the nearest oak trees in the spring, spreading the devastation. Be sure to consult your local agricultural center to find out how you can help control the oak borers. Treating firewood with pesticides is not an option because burning the treated wood could release toxic chemicals into your breathable air.

Contact your professional pest control in Mesa, Arizona to find out how you can do your part. Transporting pests from one region to another can have devastating effects on the ecosystem. Natural predators in one area may not survive in another, allowing invasive pests to breed unchecked. Pest control management isn’t just about spraying chemicals to kill pests in and around your home; it’s also about treating the local ecosystem responsibly.



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