Pest Control News: Licensing is Important



The economic down turn of the twenty-first century was not just felt in the United States, but all over the world. Many people think that the unemployment rate has been high in the US but it has been high all over the world. Perhaps the recent election debates and the conflicts in other countries have been enough to show Americans that this is a worldwide problem.

Whenever there is an economic down turn there are three things that happen, before everything hits bottom. First all of the nations of the world try to figure out how to create the smallest economic impact; the European Union was one initiative to slow the impact by pooling resources.  The second thing that happens is that a lot of people start innovating and inventing. They realize that they won’t make money from a job so they create something or change something to make more money. The third thing that happens is that entrepreneurs start their own businesses.

That’s what this article is about, the handyman who believes that he is every bit as good as a licensed contractor. He may appear as a plumber, an electrician, a carpenter or an exterminator. This man thinks that since he has done some repairs on his own home or for friends, that he can go into business and make some real money. That is where the home owners come in. While I realize that a neighbor or friend who is going to start his own business is excited, you must let them know that licensing is required. I have friends who come to me for advice because I give good advice; they know I am not a licensed counselor, and I don’t charge them. Completing a successful repair in your own home does not give you the right to start your own business. Buying a series of home repair books from Reader’s Digest does not make you a home repair expert.

For anyone who is interested in becoming a professional in pest management, there are many companies that will hire and train qualified individuals. Pest control companies are having a booming winter season and are already hiring for their February rush. February is the biggest time of the year for pest management and many companies expect a 25% increase in business this spring. Anyone who is interested should watch the local papers and ad boards for job postings in their area.

Pest control in Chandler must be done by licensed a professional, that’s the law. Many fly by night pest control companies have formed in the past few years all over the world. The workers may not even know that their boss is unlicensed. There have been reports of fumigation related illnesses and deaths in the US and other countries; these have been traced to unlicensed workers and contractors. Beware of the outfit that offers a lower rate than the rest. It’s important to know the background of the company that is treating your home and property. Don’t feel guilty for asking if a contractor says they are just starting out; they must have a license. You wouldn’t let an unlicensed doctor treat you; don’t let an unlicensed pest control company treat your home.


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