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Rodents Carry Plague in California



According to The California Department of Health, rodents in California are known to carry the plague and visitors are warned to avoid contact with then. Many people think that it’s only rats and mice that need to be avoided, but hikers and campers should also avoid Squirrels and Chipmunks. Even though the animals may seem docile and cute, the fleas that they carry can transmit the plague to anyone they bite.

Early in October a chipmunk tested positive for the plague in Tahoe and since then two more rodents have also tested positive. 41 rodents were tested after the first case was detected; but it isn’t uncommon for the rodents to carry the Plague.

The plague can be cured with antibiotics if it is caught early. The bacterial infection generally causes a high fever and swollen lymph nodes. Other symptoms could include nausea, weakness and chills. Visitors and residents should be quick to react if they get sick after coming into contact with rodents; early intervention is necessary. The plague can be life threatening if left untreated.

I always say how much I like squirrels and I don’t consider them pests. They do have their place in the balance of nature. Remember that in the national parks and camping areas, these are wild animals that can feed themselves. Feeding them and getting close to them is easy because they’re curious and trusting. They become accustomed to humans when they are fed, and the food they receive does not help them. Yes, they’re cute, adorable; it’s not their fault that they may carry fleas or diseases. They’ve been around humans their whole lives. Feeding the “cute little animals” when you visit National Parks and other locations can be dangerous to your health and ultimately the health of others.

Pest control in Glendale is dedicated to keeping your family safe from pests that may carry diseases or cause destruction to your home and property. Remember that if you are camping in Arizona or vacationing in California, you should heed all warnings given by the state and local health departments. Obey the rules of the Parks and Recreation departments; those rules are there to protect you, your family, and the vacation spots everyone can enjoy.


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