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While the common termite has been around since long before humans even started building homes, there are ways to eliminate them! There are even ways to prevent them!

No House is Immune

Usually older homes are more susceptible to termite infestation, but that doesn’t mean that newer homes are impenetrable. Also, a house constructed of concrete slabs or brick is not immune either. Therefore, it’s important you know the way to prevent an infestation from taking over your house.

Top 5 Ways To Prevent Termite Infestations

Here are the top five things you can do to prevent termites:

  1. Since termites love moisture, check for leaking pipes or faucets that can cause of pools of water or dampness.
  1. Remember that gutters and downspouts are also damp areas. It’s advised that you use splash blocks to divert running water from your house foundation.
  1. Termites also love confined and hard to reach places, such as crawl spaces under your house, sheds, basements, attics. Create a plastic moisture barrier on the ground in these spaces to prevent moisture from building up and thus attract termites.
  1. Routinely check your house’s foundation for cracks.  Fill these up immediately, as termites can enter those cracks and nest there.
  1. Remove any and all wood debris such as scrap lumber, tree branches, and stumps, or even leftover firewood from around your home.

Call A Termite Inspector

If you find any signs of termite damage, remember that it’s best to leave the elimination and control of termites to experts. A termite inspector will be able to advise you on next steps for treatment, but also next steps for prevention. There are a wide variety of treatment options for your home, and no doubt, the experts at Arizona Termite Control will be able to advise you in all of them.

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