Termite World News: Australia: Termite Solution

In the termite world wood is food, shelter, and a highway to travel until all the good wood is gone. In the human world wood is an economical building material that is easy to use and beautiful to look at when properly finished and cared for. Both of us have ideal uses for wood, unfortunately that’s where our worlds collide.

Termites cost consumers  approximately 1.7 billion dollars per year when you count the removal and damage repair combined with preventive treatment. Worldwide that number is about $5 billion dollars. You would think that some individual would have come up with a better system by now. If our worlds must collide, isn’t there a way we could peacefully coexist? We have tamed the nature of a great many beasts, but the penchant of termites for destruction of public property is unparalleled anywhere in the animal kingdom.

Animal control proves that if you remove the food source the pest will go elsewhere. This is why we clean our kitchens to prevent ants and cockroaches from coming into our homes. We all know better than to feed the bears. Campers know that they have to clean up their campsite to keep the animals away.

One company in Australia has taken that conceptual idea and created Futurewood, a composite material that is currently available for decking and siding as well as decorative fencing and screens. Futurewood is listed in the building materials category and is termite and mold resistant, the decking is slip resistant as well. The decking is a composite of rice husks and HDPE (similar to PVC) and all of these products come in a variety of colors.

Of course this doesn’t help us yet, so Termite Control Chandler’s Free Termite Inspection is still your first line of defense against termites in Arizona. Just because this idea can’t solve our termite problems today does not mean some entrepreneur won’t take this idea and turn it into a viable replacement for wood products in the future. “Good On Ya Australia” for Futurewood!

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