Termites: Misused Search Terms



Termites  are exceedingly popular in the news these days. I strive to bring you the latest in news about termite treatments, termite prevention and what to do when termite damage is found. I noticed the trend before, but now it has gotten a little bit out of hand, which is why I am bringing you’re the latest in termite news and how this trend began.

A month ago a reporter in Africa wrote a blog complaining about a Government official. This man likened the official to a giant and the people of his country to termites. The giant stepping on the termites is visual imagery that we can all see. Soon everyone in the media was picking up on the concept. One blogger likened politicians who serve their terms in office, and do nothing to make changes, to the exterminator who treats your home for termites; then when the termites return tells you to wait and see if any more damage is done in four years. Now it has gotten out of hand. If you search for termites today you may see an article about Mark Zuckerberg or writers who follow a sports team for a while but not all year round (term-ites).

Termite Control Phoenix is one place you know you can always go if you want to know about termite trouble. People who are afraid they have seen termites or evidence of termites in their homes might do a search on the internet and come up with all of these other stories that use the word termite, but make an analogy instead of offering real information. If you think you have termites, don’t bury your head in your hands in fear. Request your free termite inspection from Termite Control Arizona. Qualified licensed technicians fully trained in termite control will give you peace of mind about your home. Then you can read all of the analogies the search engine turned up about termites. You’ll finally be able to relax and enjoy them.


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