logo4There are more than 2,500 species of termite around the globe. Termites are the most economically important pest Arizona homeowners can face. The damage caused by these “silent destroyers” can literally eat away at the structural integrity of your home or business.

What Termites Love

Termites attack flooring, support beams, fence posts, and deck posts. They’ll chew on kitchen cabinets, door framing, window framing, benches, and furniture. In fact they’ll chew on anything – as long as it has cellulose.

3 Common Termites

There are three common types you should be aware of – subterranean, dampwood and drywood termites.

Subterranean termites attack from underground – entering a structure through untreated wood that’s in contact with soil. This species can form colonies that exceed two million members!

Dampwood termites build their nests in wood that buried in the ground, such as old tree stumps or left behind construction materials. As their name suggests, they thrive on moisture.

Drywood termites infest dry wood such as structural lumber used to build homes. They also infest  dead limbs of trees, utility poles, posts, and stored lumber. Unlike their soil loving cousins, drywood termites do not attack through the ground. These termites can fly right up to a structure to find access to the cellulose in your home.

Prevent Termites

Since termites are found all around the world, as well as in your Arizona home’s backyard, or front yard for that matter, it’s crucial that you take the steps to protect your home. Contacting a termite control professional to perform an inspection is easy. And once the inspection is done, you’ll be able to know next steps – either treatment of an existing infestation, or prevention to guard against future invasions.

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