Arizona TermitesTermites cost families across the nation $5 billion per year in treatments and repairs. But imagine a world where there were n professional termite treatments. It’s actually not that hard – you just need to look at Fiji’s problem 10 years ago.

A World Without Termite Control Professionals

In Fiji ten years ago, there were no trained termite control professionals. This was a problem when the country was invaded by the Asian termite. Because there were no methods of treatment, the Government was forced to create an agency to deal with damage. As part of a three-phase project, termites were captured and sent to laboratories in order to be tested and identified. During the second phase, termites were eradicated and buildings were rebuilt. The third phase was originally containment. But since the termites remain, the third phase is now maintenance, with the goal of no new infestations.


During this time homeowners in Fiji were not able to seek proper treatment for their houses, as all chemicals were being allocated to the government. Homeowners were also fined if they removed personal property from their home that had been damaged by termites for the fear of spreading the infestation.

The Importance of Inspections

Looking at Fiji, we can safely say that prevention can be crucial to helping the war against termites. The initial inspection is usually free, not to mention that it’s thorough. Trained termite professionals know what to look for, where to look, and the best methods of treatment for your specific home or business and situation. Most importantly, you won’t be forced to deal with treating termites on your own.


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