Termite Treatment And Control

Termite treatment and control methods vary depending on a number of factors. One of these is the kind of termite infestation your home is suffering from and the other is the extent of the same. Some homes are under siege by subterranean termites while others are attacked by drywood ones. Treatment methods have to be accordingly suited to the type of termites that have built their colonies in your home. Otherwise, you will not be able to completely rid yourself of these tiny terrors. That’s why the right professional assistance is of utmost importance in such situations. Your termite specialist will be able to properly determine the kind of treatment that needs to be undertaken, depending on the circumstances of each household. Keep in mind that the goal is to secure the most effective termite treatment plan for your home.

Subterranean Versus Drywood Termite Treatment

As a homeowner, it is also essential that you should be aware of the difference between subterranean termite and drywood treatment methods. Subterranean treatment methods usually consist of liquid application with bait and monitoring system. The liquid treatment is administered at the entry points and infestation sites all over your home. Combined with this, termite monitoring stations are also usually set up in strategic locations in one’s residence in order to detect further termite activity, especially in areas where these pests may not easily be snuffed out. These monitoring stations will eventually be replaced with bait stations once definite signs of infestation are identified by your specialist. Since there are many types of termiticides available in the market, make sure you purchase the brand that your specialist recommends.

For drywood termites, what is generally utilized is the odorless wood treatment method. It is said to be a highly effective method consisting of directly applying the termiticides to the bare wood or injected into the same. Usually, this is coupled with fumigation techniques, especially in cases where there are already multiple termite colonies found in just one structure in your home. When we talk of fumigation technique, this basically involves putting up a tent made from special material all over the entire structure before the termiticide and other necessary chemicals mixed thereto are pumped over the entire house or building. This to ensure that even those nooks, crannies, cracks, and crevices that are difficult to reach using normal methods may still be treated. Again, just keep in mind that each home’s circumstances are unique so you have to be very meticulous when consulting with your specialist for the most effective treatment plan.